Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Expert no pressure roof cleaning – the Rhino Blast way

If you are experiencing some nasty black streaks or markings on your roof and considering to replace it,   there may be an alternative to extend the lifespan of your roof by simply hiring Rhino Blast roof cleaning service. We provide you with a safer and more effective cleaning method compared to the conventionally hard roof cleaning methods like power washing.

Regular, professional roof cleaning does a lot more than just making your home’s roof look good; soft wash roof cleaning removes damaging debris, including leaves, seeds, twigs, bird droppings, residue from acid rain. It deeply cleanses your roof to get rid of dirt and algae lodged between roofing tiles. We at Rhino Blast Exterior Cleaning, treat your roofs with a professional roof shingle cleaner to remove all that debris, keeping the tiles and shingles both secure and intact and clean at the same time.

Our cleaning experts use only state-of-the-art equipment with high-quality detergents and surfactants to dissolve dirt and debris and rinse away the waste through a non-pressure cleaning system, so your roofing shingles don’t get dislodged or otherwise damaged.

Why is soft wash roof cleaning essential for your home?

Regular roof cleaning of a home is the best kind of investment for your property. Rhino Blast Exterior Cleaning protects your home’s roof from all the damage yet to occur. We remove all the contaminants that hold moisture next to the roof paper, causing it to get mushy and crumbly. When roofing paper gets soft, it’s more prone to wear and tear, increasing the risk of water leakage and consequential mold growth in the home. A professional soft wash from Rhino Blast delays all the chances of getting a roof replacement by cleaning it without burning a hole in your bank.

We are one of the leading roof cleaning companies throughout Southeastern Louisiana, serving you and your homes with nothing but quality cleaning service.

No need to replace your roof let us revive it, saving you tons of money on a new roof Our non-pressure cleaning system removes Gloeocapsa Magma which is a blue-green algae that leaves ugly dark streaks & stains. The spores of this algae are transported through the air and settle on your roof. Besides being unsightly, this algae is feeding on your shingles and taking years off of their life. The dark color that is created absorbs the sun's rays, which produces more heat in your attic and requires more energy to cool your home.