Parking Lot & Drive-Thru Cleaning

Get the best parking lot and drive-thru cleaning services with Rhino Blast

Regular Power Washing is the key to keeping any facility’s driveway and parking lots clean and presentable. They are, after all, the front-facing area, so keeping them tidy has a great impact on the curb appeal of your building.

Hiring a professional residential cleaning service like Rhino Blast in Southeast Louisiana for the driveway, parking lot & drive-thru cleaning on your property will prolong the life of that concrete, stone, and asphalt surfaces. Whatever the type of surface, our expert cleaners have the knowledge and capabilities to professionally clean your parking lot and drive-thru using the best pressure equipment to give it the in-depth cleansed look in the most affordable ever price. This will help you save the bucks you used to spend on repairs and replacement over time.

Why is power washing driveways necessary?

The reason concrete and asphalt in your driveway is breaking down is that the automotive fluids, salt, and other snow-removing chemicals, grass clipping, leaves, twigs, fertilizer, and weed killers are harmful to it. Those surfaces are really prone to any type of chemical around them. Rhino Blast’s professional power washing for your residential homes will remove all that debris, protecting the concrete and asphalt on your property from premature damage.

We use state-of-the-art low-pressure power washing for your parking lot & drive-thru cleaning. Our highly experienced cleaning agents make sure every hint of dirt or chemical is appropriately removed. At Rhino Blast, we house the best pressure washing technique that is better for both concrete and asphalt surfaces, and gets them cleaned even better than most standard pressure cleaning methods!

Regular parking lot and drive-thru power washing will effectively remove gas, diesel, oil, grime, and dirt from concrete, pumps, buildings, and dumpster pads around the business. We use high pressure with hot water and specialized chemicals. We have the training and specialized gear to completely clean exterior properties of any size. Our complete cleaning services includes cleaning equipment, buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, dumpster pads, and awnings and canopies. We also specialize in gum and graffiti removal. Contact us today for a free estimate.